The Blog

Aesthetically Dreaming is a photography blog founded by Michelle Schulte (20), a journalism student from Amsterdam. On here I share my photography, but also try to come up with fun and relatable posts about photography.

The Blogger

Ever since I got my first Barbie camera as a kid I loved photographing and capturing memories. I’m that friend that will take about 100 pictures of you so that you won’t forget the day and have fun photos to look back on. Though that also may be because I’m a bit of a Mom Friend™

I also have a passion for writing and hope to be a published author one day. Since I love writing (and reading of course!) I also have a blog dedicated to that called The Writing Hufflepuff. On there I also write more personal posts, talk about tv shows, films, comics, music and just anything else really. I’m an Art and Aesthetics Hoe™, a Walking Meme™ and aiming to become an Actual Rainbow™

WHERE YOU CAN FIND ME: Books and Writing Blog // Instagram for this blog // Personal Instagram // Twitter // Personal Tumblr // Aesthetics Tumblr // Pinterest // WeHeartIt // Goodreads