Canon VS iPhone 6 // The Pros and Cons of Both

Sometimes when I don’t feel like bringing my Canon camera (going about with only your phone is a lot lighter of course!) but then I worry that if I see something I want to take pictures of, I won’t be able to take good enough pictures. Are those worries justified? Of course this all depends on your phone. I know the newer iPhones have better cameras than my iPhone 6, and I also know lots of Android phones have great cameras, and I have taken some pictures that I love with my iPhone. Still, should I always bring both? And should you invest in a Canon? (or any other ‘fancy’ camera) Let’s look at the pros and cons!

📷 Canon Camera


📷 Quality. If I were to compare my own Canon to my iPhone 6, the quality is definitely a lot better. Not all the time of course! For some photos it really doesn’t matter which one I use, but most of the time, the photos I take with my Canon are just prettier. They’re always sharp (unless I myself mess up of course) and the colours are so much more vibrant

📷 Dynamic. I feel like the pictures I take with my Canon can be more dynamic than the ones I take with my iPhone. For example I cannot for the life of my capture how streets really look with my phone, but with my Canon? They look so much more like they do in real life

📷 Taking pictures in the dark is so much easier. I absolutely hate taking pictures after sunset with my phone, as they pretty much never turn out well. Of course there are also places inside that can be pretty dark, and my phone doesn’t capture them well AT ALL. My Canon though? A  blessing.


📷 It’s heavy. Maybe not that heavy, but certainly heavier than a smaller digital camera or your phone!

📷 Changing your settings can be a pain. Of course this does get less annoying the more you use your camera, but just being able to snap a picture with your phone is a lot faster! You need a lot of patience haha

📷 Expensive. Of course it’s not necessarily more expensive than an iPhone (though this really depends, as in The Netherlands for example you can get expensive phones with a subscription plan. That way you pay for the phone each month, but it can be pretty cheap, so lots of people here, including me, can afford expensive phones) but it’s definitely an investment! Plus you might want to get new lenses and other equipment which also cost a lot

📱iPhone 6


📱Easy to carry around. I mean, first of all, most of the time we don’t leave the house without it, so we already have it on us! It’s small (okay, some phones aren’t, but they’re smaller than a Canon camera!) and light and might fit in your coat or jeans pocket, or at least fit easily in your bag (okay of course this does depend on your bag but still, easier than a Canon!)

📱 NO SETTINGS. Like I said above, changing your settings on your Canon can be such a pain. Taking a picture with your phone is a lot faster and easier because of that, and taking a spontaneous photo might be easier! (I say might, because if your settings are all good on your Canon you can take some great spontaneous photos) This is more a pro because I’m sometimes really lazy though haha

📱 Quality. Nowadays most phones have great quality. Personally I prefer my Canon’s quality over my iPhone’s, but I know it can take some great shots. It’s just that my Canon is better suited for what I wanted with my photography

📱 Might be cheaper. Like I said, in The Netherlands a lot of people can afford more expensive phones because of our subscription plans, so a phone might be cheaper!


📱 Quality. Yep, both a con and a pro. Like I said, the quality isn’t always good for what I want. For example the colours aren’t always that great and it isn’t always as sharp as my Canon. Also zooming in??? My Canon can’t zoom in that far, because I don’t have the right lens for that, but at least the quality remains good, my phone on the other hand is a different story.

📱 Taking pictures in the dark. I’ve already mentioned this above, but taking pictures in the dark with my phone?? It refuses. Most of the time I can just throw those pictures away. Of course other phones might be great! But mine? Nope


As you can see, I’ve found as many pros as cons when it comes to my Canon, whereas my phone has more pros than cons. But for me, the cons kind of outweigh the pros when it comes to my phone. The cons for my Canon on the other hand have mostly to do with me being lazy lol. Personally I’m really happy that I invested in my Canon, but I can’t speak for everyone! I know there are a lot of great photographers out there who take such great shots with just their phone or a regular digital camera. So if you’re thinking about whether or not to get a Canon (or a Nikon) just think about what works best for you.

What do you think? What do you take pictures with? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. ~Kerys says:

    Ooh! I loved reading this! It was great seeing the 2 compared! I currently take photos with my phone but I’m hoping to get a camera for my birthday! Great post! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ohhh that’s so exciting! :D

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ~Kerys says:

        No problem! It is!! xx ❤️😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Bexa says:

    I loved reading this post Michelle! I also have a canon camera and an iPhone. I always prefer using my canon as the quality and vibrancy is amazing although it’s big and heavier to carry around. I’ve now bought a bigger bag so I can take my camera on days out with me 😃. Great post! xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ohh that sounds like a good idea haha. I do have a backpack in which it’s easy to carry around, but it does take up quite a lot of space. Definitely worth it though! :)

      Liked by 1 person

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